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  • trevor (California), 2011-05-19:
    I love this thing. I tied a strap to it with some shoe strings, I slap it on my back, get on my bike. I take it with me when I go hiking, to school, to the beach, or anywhere really. The tuning on it is ADGCEA which would be equal to as if you had a capo on a regular guitar's 5th fret, which means that you can play the same chord shapes as a regular guitar, the notes will just be higher.

    As far as quality goes, I'm pretty happy with it. Some people said the strings that they got were no good, but I've had mine for about 3 months now and I have no complaints. The strings are very sensitive though. They bend very easily, so sometimes the chords played sound good and other times they might sound a little off. I see as a very delicate instrument.. when I press down my fingers for chords I press them straight down and make sure I'm not bending them. A;so, because they bend easily, it can go out of tune pretty easily too. I tune mine often, to make sure they are good to go. I have always tuned my normal guitars by ear, however I find that it is harder to do with the guitarlele, so I use a tuner usually.

    Visually I have no complaints, the wood and finish are nice, the neck has good action and feel, although a small part of me wishes that they had some artwork around the soundhole. As for sound quality, I love it.. the higher strings/notes do stand out more in a way, and definitely have the ukulele sound, but if you play gently enough it creates a nice balance. The resonance is beautiful. It has a very warm, mellow sound. It's pretty loud for it's size too. And it is so versatile, you can play Spanish style chords like Em and Am which sounds awesome (Onda Vaga uses a uke, perfect example, youtube them), .. you can emulate a mandolin to an extent.. I'm not saying it sounds exactly like a mandolin since it obviously can't replicate the resonant-sound of the double layered strings, but it does have the high notes from the strings that at least sound somewhat similar to a mandolin, if you want to cover a song with one. Or you can just play regular songs, normal chord shapes, even powerchords sound good.

    It's just like guitar. Just tuned to much higher notes. If you know music theory, you can do a lot with this little guitar. I even have used a capo on mine and it sounds good, although when I put it too high up the fret spaces are so small it's hard to make the chord shapes ;-)

    Before I saw the guitarlele I was looking at rogue instruments because they sell cheap mandolins and ukuleles. I checked out reviews of their instruments on youtube and they had some mixed reviews.. they didn't seem like very good quality. I saw someone mention the guitarlele on the comments, and when I looked it up I knew it was the 'travel' instrument I wanted. 100 bucks, for a completely unique Yamaha brand instrument? You can't go wrong. Yamaha aren't the super-high end guitars, but my bigger acoustic is a yamaha and I don't have any complaints about that one either (a friend gave it to me to replace my epiphone acoustic which I need to get a new saddle for).

    I hope this review was helpful. If you get one, enjoy it. I know I enjoy mine. I've even started buying other travel instruments like a melodica and a Buffalo Drum.. so yeah. Enjoy!!
  • hooper, 2011-05-30:
    I bought mine second hand as I am always on the look out for travel instruments. I love it! It's supposed to be tuned from A, but I didn't know that at first and I tuned it from E (as per normal guitar) or D for a bit more tension and I LOVE that bendy sound!. I play fast off-beat vamping for comic songs and the slack at those lower pitches works great. I'm damping a lot so the over all effect is almost like a train chuffing - rounded and full of character. Tuned as intended (in A) it is more accurate with less of that slack character. Fits easily into a rucksack or bike basket and sounds far better than any 'travel guitar' I have tried. Everyone who's played mine wants one.
  • William Roberts (New Hampshire), 2011-03-17:
    This is a great little instrument to keep in the trunk of your car. You never know when the opportunity may come up to do some playing. The quality is unbelievable for the price. I paid around $100 for mine off Amazon and got free shipping to boot. You can't buy a very high quality ukulele for that price. And you get the bass strings on this for more guitar like playing. Don't expect it to have a mellow guitar type sound. It is more like a tenor uke with a couple bass strings. At this price you could afford to have one to carry with you and one around the house when you get the urge to make a little music.
    William Roberts
  • Keithmj "Noodj" (Saint Petersburg, Fl), 2011-04-04:
    I am a Ukulele player and wanted to learn guitar and heard about the Guitalele. I just want to start off by saying that this is not a cheap toy as I thought it would be, it is a well built piece of equipment, not top of the line. It has nylon strings, the ADG are wrapped and the CEA are not wrapped and you have to keep tuning it until the strings stretch but that needs to be done with a regular Ukulele. Tuned to ADGCEA, the GCEA are the same as a Ukulele and they added two base strings of AD. It is the same as a guitar with a capo at the fifth fret. The frets are a little closer than a regular guitar so I would recommend that if you have large hands or fingers to try a Guitalele out at a music store. I went online to Youtube and watched the Guitalele videos before I bought this and all the reviews were high. I like this and would recommend it to others who want a small guitar to jam with or just have some fun. For the price of this you can't go wrong but I still plan on buying a guitar when taking online lessons due to the fact you have to change the chords to match a regular guitar chord. Example a regular C chord will become a G chord on the Guitalele. I use a Snark Tuner to tune my Ukuleles and the Guitalele. Snark SN-2 All Instrument Clip-On Chromatic Tuner it is simple and easy to use. I bought two. I might post a short video later on.
    If you want a nice Ukulele to start out with use this one.. Lanikai LU-21C Concert Ukulele or a smaller one..Lanikai LU-21 Soprano Ukulele Then there is the Baritone Ukulele which is tuned the same as the 4 strings of DGBE on a guitar..Lanikai LU-21B Baritone Ukulele
  • Loveguitar (USA), 2011-12-23:
    I bought my Yamaha guitarlele about 2 years ago from Long & McQuade located in Canada. It's the same as the one Amazon is selling here. I teach classical guitar but have always loved the sound of ukulele. My reason for buying this is because I don't have to learn how to play the ukulele and can play the guitarlele using the knowledge I already have - yea!

    It is very similar to a guitar in many important ways. It has the same 6 strings tuned the same way. However, and this is VERY important so please read carefully: To get the best sound out of your new guitarlele you must tune each string up in pitch. For example, let's take the 6th string (lowest) and tune it up to A instead of E. Clip on your electronic guitar tuner and crank that string up a bit until the tuner reads "A". It will be the same pitch as the actual 5th string on the guitar.

    So here's the breakdown on tuning each string:
    6th = A
    5th = D
    4th = G
    3rd = C
    2nd = E
    1st = A

    You really need to to tune it this way because otherwise the strings are too floppy and you won't get that beautiful ukulele voice. The action is very good and it will not be any harder to play.

    The instrument overall is fairly easy to play, especially in the lower positions. I have trouble holding it because I'm used to holding a classical guitar so I always have to make adjustments to get used to it. Barring chords especially higher up the neck is kind of tough because the frets are so close together so I usually play easier stuff. Also, I have discovered that certain types of music really play well and others aren't so good. Almost all Celtic music sounds great! Christmas carols are lovely, but Spanish stuff doesn't sound so great, imho. The instrument just doesn't have enough power to carry some types of music. Blues are good, and very ancient sounding tunes like those that would have been played on a 4 course guitar from back around the 15th century sound really cool on the guitarlele. It seems to be well constructed, the tuning gears work well, the action is good, frets are inserted straight and level so I really can't find anything to complain about, especially for the price.

    I would suggest keeping the tunes simple and have fun! It's just like a little guitar with all the same strings and same number of frets. You will probably have to tie a strap on it to hold it in place but that's not absolutely necessary, especially for those of you who are accustomed to playing small stringed instruments.

    I took it camping over the summer and had a great time playing it around the campfire in the evenings, something I've always wanted to do! I'm quite fond of my guitarlele and am going to purchase another for my daughter so that we can play duets together on them! :D

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